The word lodge is generally used as a collective term for the entire body of members. Olderfleet 501 is the name of the masonic lodge. However, the lodge room is where the meetings take place and it is located in the Larne Masonic Centre, Mill Brae.


The modern masonic lodge is a rectangular room, with seating around the perimeter. Members and candidates enter through the main door which normally has an elaborate door knocker. The ceremonies take place in the centre of the room so every member present can witness proceedings.


Freemasonry teaches by symbolism and many of the details of a lodge room are patterned after aspects of King Solomon's Temple. Most are highly ornate and whist there is variation between different lodge rooms many of the arrangements are very similar.


For a more detailed look, please browse the gallery below.

Other lodges which meet at the Larne Masonic Centre include Larne (41), St Patrick's Union (175), Magheramorne (514), Royal Larne (615), Unity (706), Kilwaughter (762) and GarryOwen (923).

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