The museum in Larne Masonic Centre houses a variety of freemasonry artefacts including books. pottery, glassware, silver, furniture, paintings, medals, jewels and regalia.


The contents relate to all Masonic ceremonies, including Craft, Royal Arch and Knights Templar.


The collection explores the different ranks, offices and branches of freemasonry. It explains some of the symbolism used, the charities which have been founded and supported, masonic dining habits, as well as the history of freemasonry in Ireland, Britain and across the world. 


We are always delighted to help with historical enquiries or to respond telephone, written or e-mail enquiries, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via this website. For further details on how to accomplish this please visit the 'contact' page.

If you are a mason, or have an interest in freemasonry and would like to arrange a private viewing of the museum please email:

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