Local organisations which are overseen by higher bodies have their own laws and Masonic Lodges are no differ. These are referred to as byelaws.


Every Masonic Lodge is strictly regulated by the Laws and Constitutions of The Grand Lodge of Ireland. In addition to these rules each subordinate Lodge has their own byelaws, as described above, which have to be conformed to by Lodge members.


Masonic byelaws cover such topics as:


- Initiation fees and procedures


- Accounts


- Administrative matters


- Committee meetings 


Click here to download a copy of the Lodge byelaws.


A copy of Olderfleet 501's byelaws are available on this website.


Please note, this online copy of the Lodge byelaws is protected by password and other mechanisms.


All attempts to access this document are also securely logged.


If you require instructions on how to download and open it please send an  email to:




A further copy of the byelaws are also available on the forum where members can view them without restriction.


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