Olderfleet Masonic Lodge - Members


Membership of Olderfleet 501 currently stands at 75. A complete list of full, affiliated, honourary and country members is detailed below.


The longest serving member is currently XXXX. He joined on WHAT DATE aged What age.


The newest member is XXXX. He joined on XX/XX/XXXX.


In 2010 X new members were initiated. 

In 2011 X new members were initiated. 


No new members have been initiated in 2012 thus far.


If you require contact details for any particular member of the lodge, past or present email: 



Moore, G
Neill, GWJ
Beattie, FJ
Gordon, BJ
Bailie, J
Johnston, DW
Kinkead, WB
Dunkley (Jnr), RJ
Davidson, ST
Fekkes, GH
Mills, T
Weir, RA
Burns, WJ
Hamill, JD
Neill, DE
McCord, K
Barr, D
Murphy, SJ
Wilson, RTJ
MacFadyen, N
McCullough, G
McToal, M
Lewis, MD
McNeill, P
Mercer, CD
Walsh, D
Small, AJ
Hamilton, A
Todd, G
Wright, MV
McToal, JA
Burns, Alan M
Magill, PMJ
Brownlees, WD
Westland, JC
Neill, JA
McErlain, K
O'Dornan, M
Hunter, DWA
Smyth, MJ
McKeen, DS
Lackey, L
Johnston, JJ
O'Toole, R
Craig, DR
Agnew, D
Davison, WT
Westland, J
Robertson, A
Lackey, DJJ
McQuitty, A
Murray, SW
Manderson, D


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