A poem by Worshipful Brother Roger McKee, written in 2002.



I wonder how did our Masonic life start
Was it a seed sown deep in the heart?
With interest aroused and the need to know more
And the word being good we got through the door


It was all about honour and good repute
Of a lesser man, it just wouldn't suit
Integrity, truthfulness and wanting to care
To hold high the virtues of compass and square 




Poem may be reproduced without

prior consent of author on condition of

appropriate acknowledgement


Work remains © Roger McKee 2002.


Kindness, humility is all part of the teaching

High moral standards is the aim we are reaching

Benevolence, tolerance, a pure heart and soul
They all form part of an overall goal


We are naturally gregarious creatures
And Lodge meetings are one of our features
Where Brotherly Love prevails and inspires fellowship
Bonds are cemented that form life-long relationships


 The Lodge teaches different skills and technique

Like speaking in public and thinking quick on your feet
Voting and decision making on matters we share
And get the chance to lead from "The Chair"


But what is its purpose at the end of the day
It must be self-improvement in every way
And a greater awareness of a divine love
The greatest gift from the man up above


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